Jorge Revilla

In his designs, Jorge Revilla looks for the best expression of his feeling, with the use of colour, light, Mediterranean sensuality and warm shapes, which reflect the forms present in the nature of his surroundings. The designs create silver jewels that are filled with sophistication, made to dazzle and surprise. However, the jewels for today’s modern woman, who works out of the home and needs shapes and materials that let her feel comfortable and free are never overlooked. Silver jewels that she can change to suit her clothes and the state of mind with which she begins each day. It is in this possibility of change where Jorge Revilla feels more at ease, since it allows him to unleash the entirety of his creativity.
There are occasions when the particular beauty of a stone makes the design work around it, but on others, it is the subtlety of the shape which leads the search for stones that best suit the shape being sought. Consideration is also given to the seasons and the change in the light depending on the month in a search for designs and colours that best reflect the situation.