Your Ideas come to life!   See Here!

Can't find exactly what you want? No problem. Our designers and jewelers can work with you to capture your ideas and make them a reality. Have a piece of jewelry you're just not in love with anymore? We can “recycle” your jewelry, transforming it into a new favorite piece. Whether it’s a redesign or a brand new piece, work with our knowledgeable staff to create unique jewelry that reflects your personal style.
Your ideas and personality can be artistically represented in a multitude of precious metals including Platinum, Gold and Sterling Silver. Your custom piece can be set with diamonds or gemstones, or hand carved. In a consultation with one of our designers, we interpret your ideas and begin with a hand drawn sketch. Alternatively, we can provide a CAD image for you to see your jewelry as it takes shape. Either way, step by step we work with you to custom design the jewelry you desire.

Rock White will personally assist you in making your jewelry idea come to life. You can look at different items and share your thoughts and wishes. Rock will then make some suggestions and produce a wax model or template of your creation, in this case, a ring. He will then make a CAD design of the ring to ensure the accuracy of the final item and then he will help you choose a stone(s) for final mounting. The creativity that comes to life in this way results in a one of a kind, phenomenal piece of jewelry that is yours and yours alone.